Yoga Be Kidding Me

Two days down this week and its been yoga.  Monday was some upward and downward facing dog and Tuesday was Proud Warrior.  My abs woke up sore this morning.  Not sure if that is from the yoga (most likely) or the drill of carrying bricks up a ladder to secure a tarp for a leaky […]

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Week 9 Day 3: Still easing

Still easing on in but that’s not a bad thing.  Have to tell you I may be easing but its not easy.  My motivation has waned here this week and for a couple of reasons.  One, working back from an injury or even a tweaking is never fun.  It can ultimately lead to giving up […]

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Week 9 Day 1: Easing on back

So today I decided to get back into it and was cautious.  I was able to get two sets in and then instead of trying to push it decided to finish out the day with the yoga poses and stretching.  Additionally, I busted out the old foam roller to work on my IT band and […]

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Week 8 Day 4: Uh…ouch maybe!

So today while I was on my second set of exercises I noticed something.  My back felt a little wonky you might say.  I noticed it while doing my push-ups so the third set I just didn’t do push-ups.  The pain, and that’s a strong word, the pressure (See Brian Regan stand-up routine😉 persisted and […]

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