Get Some Rest

Go, go, go…seems to be a moniker for our society and even when people “slow down” we do so by keeping the data stream flowing.  Constantly, plugged in so that we don’t miss anything.  They call babies who are hard to get to take naps, “FOMO” babies – Fear Of Missing Out.  Maybe we never […]

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TBT: Raising Your Voice

“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God while I live.” Psalm 104:33 Every night my wife and I raise our voices to sing for our daughter just before putting her to bed.  Everything you read says establish good bedtime routines early to help get the little […]

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TBT: Toddler Blog Time

My daughter is in full on toddler mode and subsequently she leaves toys, puzzle pieces, and her books pretty much anywhere.  The other night right before bed I noticed she had left me this book.  Intentional or not, my wife and I found it super cute.  A little light reading for Daddy so he can […]

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Baby Monitor

Disclaimer This isn’t a review.  I just want to share our story and how we found, selected, use, and work with our baby monitor.  Hopefully, this can get you thinking about how you will set up and use a baby monitor. Researching After scouring the internet and reading reviews I selected the Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor.  It […]

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Becoming a Functional Dad

A Exploration into spiritual, physical and mental fitness for the over 40 father-to-be and beyond So this wasn’t our plan. My wife and I had made a decision not to have children. We got married later, both had careers and I had a mountain of student loan debt. Well God had other plans for us. […]

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Turkey Week Workouts

So I finally got back into somewhat of a routine this week at work.  Granted it was a short work week but was able to get some workouts done. The issue, as with most parents in the first few months, is sleep or lack thereof.  Little energy to even do a limited workout. Now to […]

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We have to rebuild…

So its been almost 3 weeks and while we knew that our lives would change forever it was hard to imagine this.  Not that it is bad.  We knew going in that there would be sleep deprivation and disruption to routines.  The goal now is to rebuild routines around the routine that we are creating […]

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Week 1 day 1 at home

It’s 2 am I have gotten maybe three hours of sleep since my wife went into labor early Wednesday morning.  My daughter is finally asleep in my arms as I am catching up on listening to the Daily Audio Bible from this week. We’re trying to give my wife some sleep as she is recovering […]

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