Running with Faith

I have always liked to run.  I may have talked about it before, but today it dawned on me another aspect of why I like to run.  I dislike running on a treadmill.  I have to be outside, I have to be out in the elements, and especially be out running on days like today. […]

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What’s Next

So Lent is over.  I ran for almost 45 days straight.  That pesky forced reset kept me from running one day during the season of Lent.  I did however stay away from sugar the entire time.  I can tell you it was nice to not have to run on Sunday, and as a result my […]

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Intervals and the Third Person

Tonight after work I notified my daughter that on our run we would be doing intervals and if she was okay with that.  Not knowing what intervals are she responded “Ya, Daddy, Okay” I informed her we would be going really fast doing some points (well relatively speaking of course). So I did four intervals […]

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In the Event of Rain

It is raining today.  And on my ride home from work I was wondering what to do in case I couldn’t run when I got home.  What to do?  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad when I got to the house and I adjusted my run to a shorter distance so that I could still make my […]

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Inertial Awakening

The only thing keeping me awake and conscious today was inertia.  I didn’t get a good night’s sleep again and all the extra sleeping I got this weekend is all but in the rear view mirror.  Even after one or two nights of poor sleep I don’t feel this bad.  And then I remembered.  Last […]

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Fix It or Forget It

Okay the end of the week and time to analyze the data.  Lets start with sleep and it’s not a pretty picture.  It’s almost like we’re back with a newborn in the house given the lack of sleep that we’re getting.  I took a nap today and that helped matters.  I don’t feel quite so […]

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Can I Help You?

What makes a good steward? How do I know I am being a good steward of the things I am holding stewardship over?  What are the things that I hold stewardship over?  I’ve been thinking about this during my meditative walks.  And was reminded of this parable from the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30   “At […]

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Run, Dad Run!

So after setting the trap I have gotten some miles under my shoes.  First run was within 24 hours after posting about the trap.  Throwing the post out there for all to see really made me commit to meeting my SMART goal of running this week.  Normally, I like to jet out of work and […]

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