One Day to go…

 and its going to get real After today our Whole30 experience will be over…or will it.  This is the discussion my wife and I have had over the past week and what we each have been thinking about.  Needless to say what we have learned and the benefits we have gained we want to keep going. […]

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So close and yet so far

Dreams of Sugar Plums Maybe its contageous or maybe my wife just planted the seeds but I have been thinking about foods I can’t currently have and her current post doesn’t help.  Go look I’ll wait… Are you back? Did you see?  It was the pizza.  Oh pizza, I had forgotten how good pizza is […]

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Two Weeks: Day 14

‘Two Weeks’ So that is a recurring line from an old Tom Hanks movie called The Money Pit.  The running gag is that whenever Tom asks the contractors working on the house when it will be done they keep saying, “Two Weeks.”  The joke is of course they are never going to be finished in […]

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Wednesday the 13th…

Just doesn’t have as ominous a feel as Friday the 13th, but when you are Whole30-ing it, it has a different kind of feel.  It’s not quite day 15 where we can say, “hey we’re halfway!”  But 13 is coming up on 2 weeks, which ain’t too shabby. Synopsis: Morning So my  day 13 was okay. […]

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This one goes to 11

11 days and counting.  That means 19 days left.  They keep promising energy in the Whole30 program and I keep going back to the timeline to see when that most likely is going to come.  Go ahead and read days 10-11, I’ll wait.  Are you back?  A lot of that is exactly how I have been […]

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Second Weekend: Days 9 and 10

Sleep, glorious sleep Well we caught up on our sleep this past weekend (as best as you can with a six-month old) and had some good meals.  My wife is a talented cook and she is always tinkering in the kitchen and thinking outside the box when it comes to cuisine.  She offered a suggestion […]

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Day 6: Naw it can’t be…

Could it be, perhaps, some energy? But were talking relative here.  Today was not as bad as yesterday from an energy perspective.  I didn’t feel as tired or as lethargic after lunch as I did yesterday.  Still jonesing for that afternoon caffeine crutch and candy bar but an apple and water was all I had. […]

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