Here is a song I wrote about 13 years ago about my daughter. At the time I wasn’t married at the time, but had just met the most captivating and beautiful woman. She would later become my wife and as life and God would have it give birth to our beautiful daughter. I recently sang […]

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TBT: Guitar Lessons

I’ve played the guitar for over 30 years now and as music is a big part of our family we hope that our daughter might pick it up some day.  I haven’t forced it, as I want her to come to it naturally.  Today she demanded her ‘tar.’  I don’t know what that is.  My […]

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Waiting for Inspiration

Sometimes its hard waiting for inspiration.  Not just for this blog, but in general just waiting for something…to come.  I used to have a band and wrote songs.  Some came easier than others.  It always seemed the ones that just kind of showed up were better, and the ones that were forced were not as […]

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The Perfect Playlist Pt 2

So my wife discovered a band from a song we encountered on the television show, Friday Night Lights. We have taken the deep dive and just recently watched their documentary, May it Last. The band is the Avett Brothers. Great Songwriting and instrumentation, and brilliant lyrics.  We highly recommend them.  I created a playlist entitled […]

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