What’s Next

So Lent is over.  I ran for almost 45 days straight.  That pesky forced reset kept me from running one day during the season of Lent.  I did however stay away from sugar the entire time.  I can tell you it was nice to not have to run on Sunday, and as a result my […]

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I Have No Choice

So I am going to be honest.  I started a devotional for Lent and I got behind on it.   And as I read multiple days to catch up I noticed that while it is not bad, it’s just not my style.  Only about 1 out of every 5 days hit a chord that gets […]

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I’ve Got Nothing

Literally, I sit here and type with nothing to say.  Today was a Monday.  That is the first Monday in March.  A month left of running everyday and no sugar for Lent.  I am doing well on the running and suffering through the no sugar.  And that’s okay.  It’s supposed to hurt.  There are cookies […]

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Upping the Steppy

So its taken me a while to set some solid physical outcome goals.   Mostly I have been just setting process goals and trying to keep to a schedule.  But now I feel I am in decent enough shape to start upping the ante and that is first going to be reflected in my step […]

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Can I Help You?

What makes a good steward? How do I know I am being a good steward of the things I am holding stewardship over?  What are the things that I hold stewardship over?  I’ve been thinking about this during my meditative walks.  And was reminded of this parable from the Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30   “At […]

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Souls of your Feet

I recently got a new pair of running shoes.  The other ones were a bit worn down.  In fact the rubber on the soles was getting pretty thin.  Probably held on to them longer than I should have in fact.  But it got me thinking. I put a lot of miles on those shoes.  I […]

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Apply Work Here

One of my workouts last week I noticed something.  It wasn’t anything novel and many people have experienced it.  Basically, I wasn’t having any fun working out.  Let’s be honest some physical activity just isn’t fun.  Usually it’s something we’re not good at.  I was in the midst of an 18 second forward plank.  I […]

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I Forgot…Forgive me

So yesterday after dinner I remembered that I forgot to do my workout for the day.  Oops!  I had gotten home later than usual and got wrapped up in all the things that need to happen at that hour.  Prepping dinner, cleaning up after a toddler, getting dinner ready for and feeding the little girl, […]

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