Week 9 Day 2

Happy Tuesday.  Still easing on in today I limited my reps for the Push-ups and Lunges down to 15 instead of 25.  Also did a lighter weight on the French Press.  And my lower back doesn’t feel as wonky. ***Warning. Don’t push it, especially with your back! If you injure yourself to the point were […]

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Week 9 Day 1: Easing on back

So today I decided to get back into it and was cautious.  I was able to get two sets in and then instead of trying to push it decided to finish out the day with the yoga poses and stretching.  Additionally, I busted out the old foam roller to work on my IT band and […]

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Week 8 Day 4: Uh…ouch maybe!

So today while I was on my second set of exercises I noticed something.  My back felt a little wonky you might say.  I noticed it while doing my push-ups so the third set I just didn’t do push-ups.  The pain, and that’s a strong word, the pressure (See Brian Regan stand-up routine😉 persisted and […]

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Physical Goals: For Right Now

So as I work toward my goals its always a best practice to write them down.  I got into this to be able to be a Functional Dad and have been thinking about what that needs to look like.  The question is how to quantifiably measure the abilities I want in order to meet that […]

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Week 3 Day 1

Monday and I made some modifications to my daily load level.  I combined all of my exercises into one day and upped the reps per set to 30.  Interesting as I made my way into my first set was that the push-ups and military press seemed to working not all but same muscle groups and […]

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