The Best Laid Plans

So as I have mentioned in a previous blog Saturday mornings my daughter and I have breakfast.  So I thought I would bust out the GoPro and shoot a short film of this wonderful tradition.  Well, the oatmeal was too hot (daddy’s fault) and my GoPro also wasn’t working well.  It was shutting off and […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Day 6-7

Day 6-7: I just want a nap… And boy do I ever want a nap!  It seems like this time around in our Whole30 journey the fatigue has really been impactful.  One reason for that in my case is that I am training for a 5K in addition to doing the Reset. So a lot […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 4-5

Days 4-5: Kill ALL the Things! I am thankful that we started last Thursday on this and had the weekend to adjust into it.  The extra sleep and access to food has helped me to avoid “killing all the things.”  I have had a dull headache off and on for the past couple of days […]

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Whole30 Round 2: Days 2-3

Days 2-3 The Hangover Days 2 and 3 of the Whole30 can be somewhat of a painful experience due to your body starting to adjust to not having some of those unhealthy food choices.  My wife and I both had a headache on day 3 but it wasn’t too bad a couple of days.  She […]

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Coffee anyone?

So after having finished the Whole30 you might recall that I have been staying away from dairy in my coffee.  Only sugar, which so far has been good.  My sugar intake is way, way down.  But no creamer was kind of a bummer.  My wife was searching the internet for a creamer substitute.  In the […]

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Post Whole30 update

Just wanted to check in and give a report of my post Whole30 experiences.  I am now 5 days post Whole30 and still feeling great.  Like I had said earlier the only thing I added back was sugar in my coffee and had some gluten-free bread last Sunday.  My wife has posted some of her […]

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The Countdown has begun: Day 21

And that means only 9 days left on this Whole30 trek.  Wow has it been three weeks already.  Lunch today was really good and it was leftovers from my wife’s impromptu stir fry.  It truly is amazing what she can just whip together with what we have in the fridge. I am so blessed to […]

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Two Weeks: Day 14

‘Two Weeks’ So that is a recurring line from an old Tom Hanks movie called The Money Pit.  The running gag is that whenever Tom asks the contractors working on the house when it will be done they keep saying, “Two Weeks.”  The joke is of course they are never going to be finished in […]

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