Fit(bit)ness Friday…on Saturday

I have an exercise goal of 4 times a week.  The fitbit has a run, weights, treadmill, workout, Elliptical, bike, and interval modes.  I have only used the run mode. It also automatically will log activity greater than a period of time as exercise.  For instance it I have it set to log activity greater […]

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Quick Post

So today I mixed it up and started, actually picked up from where I left off before Lent.  Today was a strength day.  Used the sliders, some straps, and actually busted out some dumbbells.  It was good,  nothing too taxing, but good.  So if you are interested here is the structure for the month of […]

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What’s Next

So Lent is over.  I ran for almost 45 days straight.  That pesky forced reset kept me from running one day during the season of Lent.  I did however stay away from sugar the entire time.  I can tell you it was nice to not have to run on Sunday, and as a result my […]

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In the Event of Rain

It is raining today.  And on my ride home from work I was wondering what to do in case I couldn’t run when I got home.  What to do?  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad when I got to the house and I adjusted my run to a shorter distance so that I could still make my […]

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Fix It or Forget It

Okay the end of the week and time to analyze the data.  Lets start with sleep and it’s not a pretty picture.  It’s almost like we’re back with a newborn in the house given the lack of sleep that we’re getting.  I took a nap today and that helped matters.  I don’t feel quite so […]

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Lent Begins

Today is the first day of the season of Lent.  It also happens to be Valentine’s Day.  Kind of cruel trick for those that are giving up chocolate and sweets for Lent.  If you are unfamiliar with the season of Lent I would highly encourage you to listen to the Daily Audio Bible today.  Brian […]

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Apply Work Here

One of my workouts last week I noticed something.  It wasn’t anything novel and many people have experienced it.  Basically, I wasn’t having any fun working out.  Let’s be honest some physical activity just isn’t fun.  Usually it’s something we’re not good at.  I was in the midst of an 18 second forward plank.  I […]

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Let if Flow

Thought I would dust off this video from a couple of years ago.  If you’ve got some time to spare enjoy.  God Bless! “He brought streams out of the stone and made water flow down like rivers.” Psalms 78:16 (HCSB)

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Today my workout included a couple of exercises utilizing these slider thingies.  After I did a warmup I did two sets of six lunges and leg curls followed by two sets of six old-fashioned push-ups.  I don’t know the technical word for them, but gliders or sliders seems to work when searching online.  There are tons of exercises you […]

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Goal Crusher!

Well it’s a start Just wanted to briefly check in and report that last week I did in fact run on three separate occasions.  Once on the treadmill at work and twice on the road.  I can tell you it felt good to get the blood flowing again albeit at a slow pace. This week […]

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