Week 1 day 1 at home

It’s 2 am I have gotten maybe three hours of sleep since my wife went into labor early Wednesday morning.  My daughter is finally asleep in my arms as I am catching up on listening to the Daily Audio Bible from this week. We’re trying to give my wife some sleep as she is recovering […]

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Week 40 Day 1

Burned again.  Man today we thought was gonna be the day.  My wife has been having irregular contractions all day and we had our appointment this afternoon.  We roll up and nobody was in the parking lot.  We went in and found out that our doctor was called to the hospital and we were directed […]

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Week 39 Day 5

Another weekend is upon us and we are sans baby.  Well she is here just not wanting to come out.  If you turned up the uncomfortable dial my wife would be at 11.  We are both wanting to meet our daughter face to face so badly, but today’s verse says it all… Rejoice in hope; […]

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Week 39 Day 4

Today ended on a tough note.  Everything is fine but we are still in that holding pattern.  It feels like the movie Groundhog Day.  We know that she is going to be born and will be in the next two weeks.  How and when is still up in the air.  Now I urge you, brothers, […]

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Week 37 Day 2: ???

There seems to be a preponderance of physical aches and ailments that my wife is experiencing in these last few weeks of the third trimester. Heartburn, aches, Braxton Hicks contractions, round ligament pain, etc. it doesn’t seem like there is any relief. My wife asked me the other day why I thought the third trimester […]

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Who’s Your Daddy App

So I have been using the Who’s Your Daddy App for the past week and can honestly say it was worth the money spent on it.  It offers daily and weekly tips to help you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy as well as help make life a lot easier for […]

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