Peace that passes…

Today, after work I did some balanced breathing before my drive home.  The Lord got me through another day and while I was breathing attached to my inner balance app a feeling of peace washed over me.  I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular just focusing on the experience of the breath.  Every now and […]

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Judging the Heart

One of the outcomes of staying in the Bible every day is that I start to see the relationships and synergy between the old testament and the new testament more clearly.  For instance take the two following passages: “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or his stature, because I […]

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Speak to Me

While doing my balanced breathing this morning I got to a place where I asked, ” Speak to me, Lord.”  and what popped into my head, His answer, was exactly what I had heard this earlier this morning on Daily Audio Bible.  The scripture and ensuing discussion about Jesus’ conversation with Martha and her sister […]

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