Men Who Stare at Trees

One of the first things I do when I get into work is to pull out my Inner Balance sensor and fire up the app to do some Balanced Breathing to get centered before I start work in earnest.  But I got to admit some days I cheat.  I will fire up my computer and […]

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Brain Maintenance

What do I mean when I talk about mental health?  We all have an idea about what mental health means.  I come at it from more of a cognitive and brain health perspective.  Simply put, how well am I thinking.  For me there is a lot that goes into that, beyond say being able to […]

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It’s a Trap!

A Behavioral Trap that is I have been woefully spotty at getting any kind of physical fitness regimen up and running.  I usually just manage to complete a yoga flow for flexibility each day.  A behavioral trap is something we intentionally set for ourselves to guarantee a desired action or behavior.  So in order to […]

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Where I leave my heart Part II

So in the previous post I started to elaborate on what it is I exactly do to stay on task and focused.  The first step, often the hardest, is recognizing when I get distracted or off task.  Most often, I notice it happening after lunch. When I recognize that I’m having trouble focusing, I practice some balanced […]

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Where I leave my heart

It’s a sweltering summer Sunday and my daughter has gone down for her afternoon nap.  She just recently started crawling and is super inquisitive and also super exhausting (but in a delightfully good way).  The weekends are a joy because I get to spend time with my wife and daughter. But Sundays are always bittersweet […]

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The Sum of the Parts

A New/Old Direction: Holistic human development The mind has a tremendous impact on the body and performance.  If I wasn’t on board with this concept I wouldn’t be in the field that I am in: Sport Psychology.    The mind can drive us when we are fatigued. It can get us through a rigorous workout. But […]

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Husband, Father, Leader

What is a Spiritual Leader and what do they do? I grew up in a Christian family. My parents raised us in church.  We went to Sunday School and Christian summer camps, and I was saved as a teen. I grew to know who Jesus is and that He is a big part of my […]

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I’m Not Perfect

I am not a perfect Husband. I am not a perfect Father.  I am not a perfect Christian. But I want to be. Admitting I am not perfect is the first step. The next is figuring out what I am going to do about it. “But God is more interested in what you can become […]

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