Breath Control

I was teaching a class today the balanced breathing skill.  Essentially, a deep breathing technique that I have mentioned before and can be found here and here and of course here.  The reason why I mention it so much is you have to keep doing it every day otherwise you don’t get the benefits that having a […]

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I Felt the Rain

It was a rainy day.  I tend to like rainy days.  Even thunderstorms appeal to me (as long as I don’t have to drive in them).  But as such rain tends to keep me inside and I can’t walk as much.  So my step count today was going to be low.  Even so I got […]

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Beyond the Surface

“Sound judgment is praised,     but people without good sense     are on the way to disaster. If you have good sense,     you will act sensibly,     but fools act like fools.” Proverbs 13:15-16 Last Friday Brian on Daily Audio Bible, had a great discussion about the above scripture as well as Jesus’ answering the question […]

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Dad Project…finally done

When my wife was pregnant we drove several hours to meet my father-in-law halfway between our homes in order to get an old antique secretary desk.  The plan was to sand and repaint it to go in our foyer. We brought it home and then, well, life happened.  To the tune of a pregnant wife, […]

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Running with Faith

I have always liked to run.  I may have talked about it before, but today it dawned on me another aspect of why I like to run.  I dislike running on a treadmill.  I have to be outside, I have to be out in the elements, and especially be out running on days like today. […]

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Thursday Prayer

Dear Lord, Thank you for today.  Thank you for me waking up.  Thank you for the sunrise.  Thank you for a commute where I can listen to the Daily Audio Bible.  Thank you for the quiet moments.  Thank you for my job.  Thank you for the busy moments.  Thank you for the spring leaves and […]

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TBT: High Stress Negotiations

Tonight I experienced some high level negotiations with my toddler daughter.  It started after bath time with the evening meal.  Basically, my daughter has gotten ‘tired’ of her usual dinner offerings.  We’ve been giving her grown up food and seeing how she does expanding her palette.  I believe I have become an expert negotiator with […]

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Waiting for Inspiration

Sometimes its hard waiting for inspiration.  Not just for this blog, but in general just waiting for something…to come.  I used to have a band and wrote songs.  Some came easier than others.  It always seemed the ones that just kind of showed up were better, and the ones that were forced were not as […]

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To DVD or not to DVD

My wife has a friend, who has two older girls, tell her that parenthood is one long line of compromises.  This week we took a trip with a looooong car ride.  We have tried to get our daughter used to traveling. We have to travel a good distance to visit family.  So the more we […]

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TBT: Frisbee Lessons

The other day I got out the old ultimate frisbee to see if my daughter liked it.  She of course did.  Her favorite part was watching me throw it and then running after it.  She loves to run.  Then I started teaching her how to throw it.  At first she wanted to throw it like […]

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