Mayday 7: So how did I do?

It’s been 7 days, the first week of Moderation May is over and its time to see how I did.  First, lets review my goals. Average 10,000 steps for the whole month Drink 8 cups of water a day No sweets at work and have dessert only 3 times a week Balanced Breathing 2 times […]

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Mayday 5: Siesta

“Rejoice always! Pray constantly. Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Don’t stifle the Spirit. Don’t despise prophecies, but test all things. Hold on to what is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-21 Paul concludes his letter to Thessalonians including the scripture above.  This is his parting shot of instruction. […]

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TBT: Bugs on Mayday 3

Today it was again hot, so no running, but we lathered up the sunscreen and sunhat to go outside to water a newly planted tree.  My daughter stood at the threshold of the door and refused to emerge from the house.  Anyone who knows her knows that she would rather be outside.  So this was […]

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Mayday 2: The heat is on

It was hot today.  Not full on summer heat type hot but hot enough to feel it on my run.  Luckily my daughter has a breeze (generated by me) and an awning on her stroller.  That being said here is how I did on Mayday 2. Sleep, yeah, was still not good.  Two sessions of […]

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Mayday 1

  So how did I do?  Sleep (not a goal but will post it anyway) = Not so good.  Balanced Breathing =  did 1 recorded session and practiced the second on my drive home.  No sweets and I crushed the steps.  More to follow.

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Moderation May

It’s April 30th and I’ve been blogging everyday (for the most part) other than Sundays for four months now.  Ever since Lent I have noticed that my sweet tooth has emerged, not quite with a vengeance, but maybe rearing his ugly head more often than I would like. “It is not good to eat too […]

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Looking Up

Sometimes I am struck by the sky.  Moments of contrasting clouds and blue framed by the trees.  Pictures don’t always do these moments justice.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.  When I experience them I am in awe of God’s creation.  

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Fit(bit)ness Friday

I wanted to do a new series starting today.  I’m calling it Fit(bit)ness Fridays.  I wrote about my Fitbit ChargeHR and the issues I had with the strap in a previous post.  I was happy with everything except that issue.  Well that issue was resolved when I purchased (with birthday money) the Charge2 a couple […]

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TBT: Moving Day

After about four months of sleeping in the same room as my wife and I we moved our daughter into a downstairs room that we could get to quickly if need be.  The plan was always to move her out of that room into her real room which is upstairs.  We had talked to her […]

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