Week 6 day 2

So since I have been tracking steps and sleep I downloaded some pics from my FitBit data.  If you mess around with the App you can get daily, weekly, and monthly views to help track progress or lack thereof.  The two screenshots below show average monthly steps and average monthly hours sleep.  Good news for […]

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Week 5 day 1: A Restructuring

With the help of my wife we came up with a new plan based on my Goal of not getting hurt.  This week I am going to concentrate on shoulders and especially the rotator cuff.  I completed all of my reps for today and got 10,000 steps.  I will post a video showing the Robot […]

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Physical Goals: For Right Now

So as I work toward my goals its always a best practice to write them down.  I got into this to be able to be a Functional Dad and have been thinking about what that needs to look like.  The question is how to quantifiably measure the abilities I want in order to meet that […]

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