Week 5 day 1: A Restructuring

With the help of my wife we came up with a new plan based on my Goal of not getting hurt.  This week I am going to concentrate on shoulders and especially the rotator cuff.  I completed all of my reps for today and got 10,000 steps.  I will post a video showing the Robot […]

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Physical Goals: For Right Now

So as I work toward my goals its always a best practice to write them down.  I got into this to be able to be a Functional Dad and have been thinking about what that needs to look like.  The question is how to quantifiably measure the abilities I want in order to meet that […]

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Week 4 Day 1: Lunge anyone?

So integrated the lunge today into my workout.  I will be adding in more variety in the weeks to come.  This is going to be a short post as I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I walked over 13,000 steps, did 150 push-ups, 50 lunges each leg, 71 air squats, and 150 bicep curls. […]

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