Week 11 Day 4

So today I wondered how long it takes me to finish a set.  Just to get an idea of how much time does this take out of the day.  I timed my second set of the day and it took me a whopping two minutes and twenty-eight seconds.  So for 4 sets it took me […]

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Week 11 Day 3: Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday.  You may have noticed that the reps for the robot trio went from 25 to 15.  That’s because I started to use 5 pound weights which makes those a little more difficult. I had a busy morning so had to shift 3 sets to the afternoon.    So today the Who’s Your […]

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Week 11 Day 2

The last three reps of man makers were the most satisfying and most difficult of the day. So much so I almost forgot to do my last sets of lunges and French presses. However, I finished them up and got my workout done today. The verse from today got me to much contemplation over the […]

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Week 10 Day 5: TGIF

Today did all my sets in one continuous circuit and upped the weight as I did them at home.  Also was able to get 11,601 steps.  Did not exceed my step count from last week at this point and will probably have to get in over 12,000 steps to do so.  There is still a […]

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Week 10 Day 4

The picture below is what it feels like in the morning with no coffee and a couple of nights in a row of bad sleep. Yes I am a bit of a Star Wars geek.  But seriously lets talk about caffeine.  A lot of folks use coffee or some other beverage with caffeine to stay alert […]

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