Tuesday Bluesday 5

Today I am going to be short and sweet.  Which was not at all like my day 5 of the Whole30 program.  It was a long day and not nearly sweet enough, but that is why I am doing this.  Woke up dead tired again with no energy.  Even after eating the egg casserole and dringking […]

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Monday, Day 4…Zzzzzzzz

Its day 4 and it started off fine enough.  Had my casserole, off to work, taught class.  All was going well until the afternoon hit.  I don’t remember ever being as tired.  I had slept okay but didn’t think it would be this bad.  I guess that sugar and caffeine fix inthe afternoon was quite […]

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Sunday, Fun-day3

So yesterday on our day 2 I busted my wife.  No harm, no foul, this is tough.  Especially, giving up things that are as much as a routine as anything else.  Her coffee routine is pretty well ingrained and coffee creamer and sweetener is the toughest “change” we have both had to make.  I was […]

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Saturday, we can do this!

Oh how I love Saturdays! I love that I get to sleep in on Saturdays.  Instead of being woken up by my fitbit at 5:30 on Saturdays my daughter wakes me up by ‘singing’ at 7:30.  After many smiles from the little girl and an 8 oz bottle of formula its back to sleep for […]

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The curious case of the Sweet-Heart

I will first caveat this post with a disclaimer: The data you are about to read is purely correlational and has not met the rigors of the scientific method or supported by the benefit of peer reviewed articles (I just haven’t done a Google Scholar search).  It is purely observational and causation while inferred is […]

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And let us not grow weary…

It’s hard to believe the last time I posted was leap day almost two weeks ago.  Who or what can I blame? Lack of sleep is always a good one.  With a five month old who is teething I have been getting into sleep debt during the week and sleeping more on weekends.  -or- I just […]

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Leap Day!

Today was an extra day.  Well not really, but you can’t really have a quarter of a day every year.  That being said what all did you do with your extra day?  While, this Leap year’s extra day unfortunately HAD to be a Monday I spent honoring it with 29 reps on two of my exercises.  Push-ups […]

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No Sugar

I have given up sugar for Lent so that means for the next 40 days.  So that means no more sugar in my coffee, no more candy, no more cookies. And I have quite the sweet tooth.  No more hot chocolate.  No more cake or desserts with sugar.  Pretty difficult to do.  Not without help. […]

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