A Good Dog’s Life

Just after midnight a few Fridays back, my wife and I came downstairs from watching a movie to go to sleep when I noticed something was wrong. Our eldest dog was lying on his bed and in a bad way. He was to be 15 this summer and had been having a tough time as […]

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Take a Seat…or two or three

Phase I: The aww phase The first months of life for our daughter she didn’t do much but eat, sleep and well you know.  And when she wasn’t in her cradle or crib she didn’t really sit.  We either held her or she reclined in a couple of ‘chairs‘ we had for her.  These were […]

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Dad Moments

Saturday morning routine for me is to wake up when my alarm clock goes off.  What time is that you might be asking?  It depends.  My alarm clock on the weekend is a little girl usually just talking (read babbling) through the baby monitor.  I get out of bed and head immediately into the kitchen […]

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Baby Monitor

Disclaimer This isn’t a review.  I just want to share our story and how we found, selected, use, and work with our baby monitor.  Hopefully, this can get you thinking about how you will set up and use a baby monitor. Researching After scouring the internet and reading reviews I selected the Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor.  It […]

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Taking a break from posting about workouts to take a little stock as a father and reflect on the past couple of months.  They say having children will change your life and it is so true.  It offers you a whole new perspective.  For instance watching her grow and develop every day is such a […]

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Week 1 day 1 at home

It’s 2 am I have gotten maybe three hours of sleep since my wife went into labor early Wednesday morning.  My daughter is finally asleep in my arms as I am catching up on listening to the Daily Audio Bible from this week. We’re trying to give my wife some sleep as she is recovering […]

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Week 40+ Day Tuesday

So today was a half day at work and then another OB appointment, actually an ultrasound.  Everything is fine we just hit the doctor’s due date which is actually today.  So she could come on out at any time now.  But as a result of a kind of off kilter day I was only able […]

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Week 38 Day 5

Another Friday and another week done.  Successful in my workouts this week and it looks like I might meet my step goal.  My wife has a good honey-do list for me fort the weekend.  Now I know what you may be thinking, but I have a different perspective on the list.  For instance yesterday I […]

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