Thanks Dad!

Last year my wife was pregnant so technically I was a father last Father’s Day, but this year it’s super official.  I’m a dad. And I want to thank my own Dad for helping me be the father I am becoming.  So… Thank you, Dad! I may not call home as much as I should. […]

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Week 37 Day 2: ???

There seems to be a preponderance of physical aches and ailments that my wife is experiencing in these last few weeks of the third trimester. Heartburn, aches, Braxton Hicks contractions, round ligament pain, etc. it doesn’t seem like there is any relief. My wife asked me the other day why I thought the third trimester […]

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Week 11 Day 3: Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday.  You may have noticed that the reps for the robot trio went from 25 to 15.  That’s because I started to use 5 pound weights which makes those a little more difficult. I had a busy morning so had to shift 3 sets to the afternoon.    So today the Who’s Your […]

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Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day.  While we have always celebrated Father’s Day (we have two dogs) this one definitely has a different feel to it.  Maybe that is my excuse for not meeting my goals.  Going to walk with my wife later today, but I fell shy of my pushup, air squat, bicep curl, and military press […]

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