Test Drive

So this page is dedicated to all the baby gear and related stuff that I Test Drive to make an informed choice.

It started with a travel system.  For the uninformed Father-To-Be a travel system is basically a combo pack car seat, base, and stroller.  And there are a ton of them out there.  My wife put me in charge of making the decision on which one we should buy so I hit the internet.  And like any self-respecting technophile I did a search for the best travel systems out there.  Well that returns a bunch of results and each one of course has a different number one. However, I started to see some brand names consistently in those lists.  Britax, Graco, Chicco, BOB, Baby Trend and Evenflo to name but a few.  After looking at price, reviews, colors I had narrowed it down to a few models and instead of pulling the Amazon trigger too soon.  I decided to head on out and do a test drive at Babies-R-Us (You can go any number of places like Buy Buy Baby but make sure they have a good number of models to choose from).  There were pros and cons for each one I Test Drove but it all came down to how I felt behind the wheel.  How the handles felt, response to inputs, maneuverability.  That’s how I made my decision and to be honest it wasn’t the one I had deemed the front runner from my online search.  So the Test Drive paid off.

APPs. Check out the Who’s Your Daddy APP post. This little APP is great for Dads and my wife likes it as well.

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