Becoming a Functional Dad

A positive guide for the over 40 father-to-be and beyond

So this wasn’t our plan. My wife and I had made a decision not to have children. We got married later, both had careers and I had a mountain of student loan debt. Well God had other plans for us.  We were of course over the moon about having a child.  As I wrapped my mind about being a dad at 42 I realized that I was out of shape.  And the kind of shape I mean is the one that can make a mad dash for a toddler about to get into trouble or the one who can manhandle a full on travel system into the back of an SUV without pulling a muscle or bursting a disk.  And the realiziation that when our child reached prime activity age, whether it be sports or just running around the back yard I would be pushing 50.  Something had to be done…

After a couple of false starts with early morning P90X or exercise bike attempts at fitness my motivation would wane.  P90X is a great program but I just dont have the time to put in over an hour a day to work out or that kind of regimentation.  So I let it slide.  But we are over halfway through the pregnancy and time is a wasting.  I had to come up with what my wife tells me is a behavioral trap (something that forces me to stick to a program).  So here it is…the Functional Dad Blog.  If you don’t want to start at day one check out the menu at the top for the different categories of posts: Health & Fitness, Baby Stuff, Test Drive, Baby Knowledge and Faith. 

One last thing.  Even though the intensity of the workouts to start out here is pretty light you should never start an exercise regimen unless you have consulted a physician.  Especially, if its been a while since you’ve been active.  Be safe out there and God Bless!.

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