Last year I was perhaps a little too ambitious so this year I am taking a different and more methodical approach to my spiritual, physical and mental fitness. And it begins at the core of each. 

Spiritual Core

Who am I at my core? When push comes to shove do I act like Christ or do I try to do it all myself, thinking I know better. My Core is a product of many things: my upbringing, my education, my experiences, my values, my beliefs, but as a Christian there is something else at my Core and I believe that is the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t you yourselves know that you are God’s sanctuary and that the Spirit of God lives in you?”

1 Corinthians3:16HCSB

I am not sure how it is manifested. Is it a connection, an essence, the divine inside us? Theologians and preachers may have the answer, the original twelve disciples probably know exactly and certainly Paul, but I certainly don’t.But I believe that the Holy Spirit is at my core and it can help guide me, teach me, use me for good, and when push comes to shove I should act accordingly. As a flawed human that is not always the case. So the question is how can I work on my Core when there are a lot of human things competing for it?

Physical Core

So similar to the metaphor used in the scripture above, think about the Core from the body’s biomechanical perspective. The body’s core are the muscles and skeleton that make up the torso which stabilize the spine and form the basis for all movement. If these muscles are weak the spine is not aligned correctly and could lead to injury. No balance and any exercise is unbalanced. Before embarking on any true exercise regimen my Core needs to be strong.

Mental Core

What is at the core of my mental game? While it is easier to think about what is at the Core of my spiritual and physical well-being it is harder to get at the Core of my mental well being. I conceptualize my Mental fitness as the ability to function cognitively well, which is the ability to think, feel and behave.  Therefore, its hard to separate it from my Spiritual and Physical well being. Thoughts, feelings and driving behavior all occur in the brain, so brain health is the place to start.

Strengthening the Core

Over the first three months of the year I am going to concentrate on strengthening my Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Core. From there I will move on to the next aspect.

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