The Perfect Playlist 7: Comfort and Joy

Like many I love Christmas music and once Halloween is over I have to fight to not start listening to it on a continuous loop.  I don’t want the feelings evoked to diminish by over listening.  So usually Thanksgiving is my day to start listening.  This year thankfully Thanksgiving came a little earlier than usual and to be honest I started listening Monday morning on my commute into work, after listening to the Daily Audio Bible.  

I have two playlists of Christmas music.  One includes all our favorites with vocals and the other is filled with just instrumental Christmas music.  

Recently, we took our daughter out in the car shopping and had the vocal Christmas music playing.  She kept requesting “comfort and joy, Daddy.”  So I kept forwarding the playlist to find “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlement” (I had to do the math too to make sure I knew which song she was talking about).  We hit “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” to which she said she liked that one too.  I had to back up and play that song and then queued up “Comfort and Joy.”  She is three now and really aware of what is going on and hopefully starting to create those memories and feeling the same feelings I get when she listens.  

Dear Lord fill me with the Christmas Spirit and be a reflection of you this season, but also to sustain me in it for the whole year and not just this month of anticipation.

  That’s the trick.  The wonderment and reverence should be felt all year long, everyday and not just the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

God Bless. 

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