PSBT: Counting her blessings

My wife shared something with me that my daughter does.  It is quite extraordinary given her age and is such a wonderful habit to get into.

The other night a summer thunderstorm rolled through after our daughter had gone to bed.  The “hunder and lightnin'” had scared her and my wife went into her room to soothe her.  My daughter asked to be rocked in the chair while sitting on my wife’s lap.  Then my daughter soothed herself by rattling off all of the people that loved her.

“Jesus loves me, God loves me, Mommy loves me, Daddy loves me…” She named all of her grandparents, her cousins, her dogs, everyone.  And once she was done she started over from the top.  And this is something she does on the regular.

I was amazed and we both feel so blessed.

JPEG image-A678C15771EC-1.jpeg

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