TBT: Observation

If you’ve been reading you know that I play a little guitar every now and then.  Music is a big deal in our house and thankfully our daughter seems to like it very much.  I am trying to be careful and not try to force playing an instrument on her.  One, she is way too young and two it might not be her gift.

I get a daily devotional from Max Lucado every morning.  The past two days he has talked about this very thing.  We don’t know what our daughter’s gifts are just yet.  Music may be it.  God knows, but we don’t right now.  We are letting her explore and try things out right now.  She loves everything and that is a joy.

At some point she will gravitate to something, be that the guitar or painting or sports.  The important thing is not to stifle that drive.  The worst thing to destroy intrinsic motivation is to take choice away.  The things we love to do, are choices we make.  No choice and that activity may no longer be fun.

If we are given the choice to explore and then allowed to follow our God-given gifts they can and will be used for His Glory.

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