TBT: Guitar Lessons

I’ve played the guitar for over 30 years now and as music is a big part of our family we hope that our daughter might pick it up some day.  I haven’t forced it, as I want her to come to it naturally.  Today she demanded her ‘tar.’  I don’t know what that is.  My mother-in-law informed me she was referring to the guitar I gave her.  Technically, it’s a ukulele that I let her fiddle around with months ago.  It didn’t hold her attention that long.  She really just wanted to strum my “big ‘tar” at the time.IMG_2392.jpg  Well she remembered it.  So today I got my first guitar lesson.  I got to play my ‘tar’ for about 5 minutes after which she serenaded me with an original song (I think).  She liked holding on to it more than making any kind of noise with it, but I am hopeful.  First steps, right? 🙂

God bless!

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