Matter over Mindset Pt 1

For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mind-set of the Spirit is life and peace. For the mind-set of the flesh is hostile to God because it does not submit itself to God’s law, for it is unable to do so.  Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Romans 8:6-8


I have been meditating and thinking on this particular scripture for a couple of weeks now.  What is the mindset of the flesh? Those concerned with only human things? Those just set on basic needs and desires or just the mindset of what it is to be human. You know the human mindset.  The belief that we can do anything on our own.  We don’t need any help.  The one where I rely on no-one but me.  It’s the human mindset that worries about the future that doesn’t put uncontrollable things in God’s hands.  The mindset looking for instant gratification and looking for peace in material possessions or money.  It’s a mindset, that try as I might, frequently fall back into or worse aren’t even aware that I am in.  And that is what is scary.  How are we to know when we have a mindset of the Spirit when often we don’t even realize that we are in a mindset of the flesh?

More to follow.  God Bless.

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