What I did for Father’s Day

fullsizeoutput_13b8I spent my Father’s Day like I do every Sunday.  Up when our little girl rises and making breakfast for the two of us.

The first words out of her mouth as I entered her room were, “Can we go in the wawa (water) again?”  She means the kiddie pool.  It one of those inflatable mini pools that we bought for her last summer and she refused to go into.

I answered, “Not yet kiddo, we gotta at least eat breakfast first.”  Saturday afternoon we had gone in the pool for a little bit so it was fresh in her mind.

Daddy got a nap the same as she did and afterwards we called one of the grandpa’s to wish him a happy Father’s day.  (Her other Grandpa got called the night prior).  Then it was pool time after a healthy slathering of the sunscreen for both of us.

Unfortunately, the afternoon thunderstorms cut the pool time shorter than either of us would have liked.

Dinner was spaghetti and afterwards was quick bath time (spaghetti + toddler = mess).  Then it was ‘all-body’ dance time. Then my wife and I sang our little girl to sleep.  A normal day for her but a good Father’s day for me.

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