Call Down the Thunder

fullsizeoutput_139dWhat feelings does the sound of thunder evoke in you?

For me it’s a comforting sound oddly enough.  It evokes my childhood and think about being safe inside and really having no cares.  I grew up in a climate where the afternoon thunderstorms rolled through around nap time.  So they signal to me a time for sleepy dreams in the afternoon.  

Now if that thunderstorm happens to catch me while I am driving it’s another story.  Driving home today I experienced a pretty bad visibility and loud thunderstorm.  So I didn’t get that same feeling evoking carefree afternoons.  I wasn’t panicked or anything.  I have driven in enough weather to know to slow down and be cautious of other drivers.  It is not so much the thunder at that point but the rain and hail that come with it.

Thunder in the distance or when I am safely indoors is all good.  In the car not so much.  Context is important.  

God is with us no matter the context and can give us the warm and cared for feelings no matter what is going on.  It is not always easy to feel His presence in all the moments, but He is definitely there.  He is there when we feel safe and content and He is there when we feel stressed and afraid.  

to Him who rides in the ancient, highest heavens. Look, He thunders with His powerful voice!”

Psalms 68:33


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