What have you learned? Moderation May

Moderation May is over.  So what is the verdict?

Did I achieve the strict letter or guidelines for my goals? No, not to the letter, but in spirit.  I learned to be moderate and establish patterns and habits for lifestyle change.  I know there are things I need to be consistent on each day and each week to maintain a healthy life. They are not anything new, but this month was about establishing patterns.

Looking back at my goals for May I offer some post month review ponderings.

  • Average 10,000 steps for the whole monthfullsizeoutput_1351

Mission accomplished.  I averaged 10,574 steps a day for the entire month. I had a few heavy walking days before it got too hot out.  One day exceeded 17,000 steps in fact. Weekends I am pretty lax with respect to steps, but if I don’t have a good week with steps I will need to do something on the weekends.  Overall I am comfortable with being able to maintain this habit.

  • Drink 8 cups of water a day

Not close to 8 cups a day.  8 cups of liquid maybe, but not straight up water.

  • No sweets at work and have dessert only 3 times a week

I did pretty good at work and made a point of eating some mixed nuts when the sweet tooth started aching at work.  As far as dessert, I started the month out pretty good with only having it three times a week.  I ended up having it 4-5 times a week and got to a point were if I wanted dessert I would have it and if I didn’t want it I didn’t.  When I did it was in moderation.  I will have to monitor this one and make sure that I don’t let my sweet tooth get off the rails.

  • Balanced Breathing 2 times a day

I did well with this one and the practice showed.  By the end of the month I was getting a lot better of achieving high HRV.

  • Ponder and write on a Bible verse 3 days a week.

I modified this one to 3 times a week.  While I didn’t go in as much depth as I would have liked.  I can work on this one a little more.

The bottom line in setting these goals for May was not just to accomplish them for the month but to adopt some healthier habits.



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