TBT: No Loss for Words

Today I came home from work as usual and after I put my lunchbox away noticed my daughter had made her way into my wife and I’s bedroom and bathroom.  I followed and she emerged with a brush from one of the drawers. The following conversation ensued.

“What you got there kiddo?”

“Mees buhsh.”

“Isn’t that Mommy’s brush?”

“No. Mommy gave it to me.”

“Okay. Well why don’t you put it back in the drawer.”


And she did.  Now I’m not questioning whether my wife let my daughter play with the brush.  I was just taken aback at the sentence.  She said as plain as day “Mommy gave it to me.”  Even though it’s happening more often now it still strikes me as quite a milestone when she just comes out and speaks in full sentences using appropriate grammar and with all the right words. She is growing up so fast.  It’s both fun to watch and terrifying.

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