Fit(bit)ness: Steps-o-plenty

At the core of all fitness trackers, smart watches, etc is the ability to count steps.  Honestly, I can’t say anything more than anyone else with regards to step counting and the accuracy of one step counter versus another.  There are countless reviews comparing step counts and how accurate they are to GPS and other means of assessing its validity.  I have faith that Fitbit has done its due diligence in quality control and for me close is good enough.

For me it’s about consistency.  I don’t care if the steps are off by even a couple hundred a day.  Just as long as its consistent.  If I register 11,000 steps and I have a good sense that is what I need to maintain my health then it doesn’t really matter if its 10,500.  I’m not a data purest, just being pragmatic.

That being said, I know that my fitbit is pretty accurate.  Up and down my street is about a half mile and even with no GPS pairing the fitbit registers that when I go for a run.  So I’m good.

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