The Perfect Playlist Pt 5

I have a playlist entitled I serve at the pleasure… It is filled with Christian rock and contemporary music.  And on occasion I will stumble across a new song or band that gets added to this playlist.  Recently I added a new band and a song from another favorite.

The first is a very talented band, West of Here.  We have recently become friends with their drummer and decided to check them out.  My daughter in particular likes their song, Run.  Their video has been on heavy rotation at our house.

The second is a song by the band, Switchfoot.  The song I added is off their 2016 release, Where the Light Shines Through.  I know I am behind the times, but what are you gonna do, we were taking care of our infant daughter at the time.  Better late than never.  Anyway there is a line in the song, The Day that I Found God that really resonated with me, “I found out the day I lost myself was the day that I found God.”

Oh and the reason I was listening to Switchfoot was because West of Here has a great cover of the Switchfoot song, Stars.  You really should check them out.

Music is a big deal around our house and when we stumble across good stuff we like to share it.  Enjoy listening. God Bless!

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