Mayday 7: So how did I do?

It’s been 7 days, the first week of Moderation May is over and its time to see how I did.  First, lets review my goals.

  • Average 10,000 steps for the whole month
  • Drink 8 cups of water a day
  • No sweets at work and have dessert only 3 times a week
  • Balanced Breathing 2 times a day
  • Ponder and write on a Bible verse 5 days a week.

So here are the stats

  • Average over past 7 days = 11,688
  • Not even close to 8 cups a day
  • Didn’t have any sweets at work and stuck to eating dessert just 3 times
  • Balanced Breathing 2 times a day check
  • Bible verse I only got to two times

Given my work week I think I need to revise my goals.  Steps will stay the same, as will no sweets and dessert.  I have to do better at drinking water and should probably take my own advice.  Keep the breathing.  I think I will have to go deep on the Bible verse 3 times instead of 5.  I already listen to Daily Audio Bible and get a daily devotional and I think that 3 times a week is more realistic and I can dedicate the time that I think it warrants.

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