Mayday 4 Fit(bit)ness Friday: Sleep Tracking

Sleep perchance to dream. Or something like that.  One of the reasons I have a Fitbit is the ability to track my sleep.  Another reason is that it doesn’t need to be recharged daily, but that is another post.  After upgrading to the new Charge I got better sleep analysis.  It does a better job at interpreting sleep and now includes sleep stages.  Now I am not sure of the validity of the analysis, but it is pretty good for what I want from it.

As you can see above.  I don’t get enough sleep during the week and I know it is something I need to work on.  Tracking sleep has gotten me some useful metrics.  I know that it is not just the amount of sleep but also the quality.  I feel the worst when I get very little deep slow brain wave sleep.  Nights I get a good amount of deep sleep (over an hour) I do better the next day.  I also know that if I go under 6 hours consistently I am not at my best and Thursday and Friday are rough.  If I get over 7 hours I generally feel pretty good (unless already in sleep debt).  I do take naps on the weekends and that helps restore some of my energy.  I do wish my daughter slept in longer on Saturday and Sunday though and that’s why I will take a nap when she does.  Oh how I wish we had nap time at work.

My Friday Stats.

Still crushing steps but my balanced breathing has gotten off track.  Sleep affecting it?  Maybe.

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