Fit(bit)ness Friday

I wanted to do a new series starting today.  I’m calling it Fit(bit)ness Fridays.  I wrote about my Fitbit ChargeHR and the issues I had with the strap in a previous post.  I was happy with everything except that issue.  Well that issue was resolved when I purchased (with birthday money) the Charge2 a couple of months ago. So I am going to talk about and review some features with the wearable.


Today I want to talk about a feature called Relax on the Charge2.  It is in essence a guided breathing application.  It uses heart rate to and guides you to breathe deeply to relax. You can choose either a 2 minute or 5 minute session.  I have used it independently but today I experimented by using it while hooked up to the inner balance app.    Once you start the Relax mode.  It senses your heart rate and gives you visual and tactile (vibrations) to sync up your breathing.

I like the vibrations that are timed at the top and bottom of each breath.  They allow me to close my eyes and use some imagery or to focus on something external other than my wrist.  I ran it for 2 minutes in the middle of a five-minute session on the inner balance app.


As you can see I was able to get balanced in that two minutes.  It acts as a good guide and is useful if I can’t keep my mind focused on breathing.  I don’t use it a lot since I do have the inner balance app and sensor.  However, should I not have the sensor or my phone I can use the Fitbit.  The only issue I have is that there is no feedback on the Fitbit app itself for these Relax sessions.  I would like to see some sort of feedback on quality of sessions.


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