TBT: Moving Day

After about four months of sleeping in the same room as my wife and I we moved our daughter into a downstairs room that we could get to quickly if need be.  The plan was always to move her out of that room into her real room which is upstairs.  We had talked to her about it.  Built it up and tried to get her excited about it so that she wouldn’t get upset about the change.

So this past weekend I took her crib apart and moved it upstairs.  And she was so excited to sleep upstairs in her room that she wanted to go to bed early! Wow! We were really blessed she didn’t fuss about the change.  We all patted our collective backs on how good parents and grandparent we were.  Maybe she is just an easy-going kid?  And bedtime has been pretty easy for her and us almost from day one.  Blessed.

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