Beyond the Surface

“Sound judgment is praised,fullsizeoutput_12d9
    but people without good sense
    are on the way to disaster.
If you have good sense,
    you will act sensibly,
    but fools act like fools.”

Proverbs 13:15-16

Last Friday Brian on Daily Audio Bible, had a great discussion about the above scripture as well as Jesus’ answering the question from the Pharisees about upon whose authority he was given. I am in no way going to do it justice here, so I encourage you to go listen.  It’s April 20, 2018.  The crux of what he was talking about was the fact that in order to act sensibly we need the Holy Spirit inside of us so that we can try to act similar to Christ.

After a couple of days of that bouncing around in my head I arrived at something.  Most of my interpretation of scripture is based or filtered through Pastors, Biblical Scholars and the like.  I would like to get better at really breaking down scripture, its meaning and application.  I am talking deeper than the surface level that I can do now.  I know that every year as I go through the Bible I get more and more out of it.

I am still trying to figure out the mechanics of how I am going to do that and will post once I figure it out and get it somewhat down.  God Bless and good night/day/morning.

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