TBT: High Stress Negotiations

Tonight I experienced some high level negotiations with my toddler daughter.  It started after bath time with the evening meal.  Basically, my daughter has gotten ‘tired’ of her usual dinner offerings.  We’ve been giving her grown up food and seeing how she does expanding her palette. fullsizeoutput_12b6

I believe I have become an expert negotiator with regards to convincing her to try new foods.  Grapes, (yes grapes) were at first a struggle, but as soon as she tasted the sweet goodness she started requesting ‘gapes’ daily.  We did chicken and cheesy rice.  And again after her first bites she gets used to it.  There have been failures.  Gummy vitamins are a no-go.  Uh-uh.  No way!  Tonight it was beef stew with sweet potatoes and carrots.  And every bite was a high level negotiation.  My main technique is promising something she likes for after she finishes the food item.  Grapes work well for this.  Tonight Potato chips were the reward of choice (she gets a couple of small chips).  fullsizeoutput_12baBut at one point she was waving off the chips.  I stayed patient and calm and we got through it.  Eventually.  The main issue always for her is texture and beef is a hard one to get used to.  I remember not liking beef when I was young as well.  My wife was the same way.  I would chew the heck out of it.  She is no different.  But she did it and finished the whole bowl.  I was a very proud daddy.  I told her I was proud of her.  And then she said as clear as day.  “I’m proud of you too.”  My jaw dropped, even prouder.  Negotiations complete.


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