To DVD or not to DVD

My wife has a friend, who has two older girls, tell her that parenthood is one long line of compromises.  This week we took a trip with a looooong car ride.  We have tried to get our daughter used to traveling.

We have to travel a good distance to visit family.  So the more we get her used to being the car for extended periods the better.  Anyone who has a toddler knows what it is like after about the first hour if you don’t have activities and things to do.  We’ve limited screen time for our daughter, but broke down and got a portable DVD player and a case that mounts to the headrest.  This was our compromise. Version 2 We are not the first parents to do this nor are we the last.  My brother and his wife (who have 4 kids) swear by them.  So we did it.  And it helped greatly.  I even got one of the Okee Dokee DVDs (Her favorite group) to play for the ride.  Swapping out DVDs was a little bit of a hassle, but this trip was much better by comparison to our last trip.

Now if we can just get her to sleep in the car.  God Bless!


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