Missed It by That Much

Last week I set a pretty bold goal.  80,000 steps in one week.  Well, I came up just shy of accomplishing it.  How close? Let me show you.


Only 300 steps shy.  To be honest I didn’t worry too much about it and figured I would hit it Saturday evening.  300 steps.  It didn’t dawn on me until I looked today.  I guess it wasn’t that important to me.  And that’s okay.  You know why?  Because I actually did beat it.  There were two extended periods where I wasn’t wearing my fitbit.  About an hour Saturday morning while it was charging and another hour while I was working on one of our cars.  So I did hit over 80,000 steps.  It happened.  I just don’t have the proof.

Just because I don’t have the tangible proof right in front of me doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  That’s why I wasn’t marching in place late Saturday night before going to bed.  While I like the quantifiable data my fitbit gives me it doesn’t rule me.  And that’s important.  I use it as a tool to shape my behavior constructively and not destructively.

Those lost steps were spent dancing with my daughter, building block towers, and making eggs and toast for breakfast.  Far more important to me than proving a step goal.  God Bless!


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