Intervals and the Third Person

Tonight after work I notified my daughter that on our run we would be doing intervals and if she was okay with that.  Not knowing what intervals are she responded “Ya, Daddy, Okay” I informed her we would be going really fast doing some points (well relatively speaking of course).

So I did four intervals of about 60 yards each.  I can tell you that I was rather winded doing them pushing a jogging stroller.  My daughter on the other hand was no worse for wear.  Oh well.  It felt good to get the blood pumping.

On another note I have noticed that I have unconsciously slipped into referring to myself in the third person when talking with her.  It was conscious at one point but now I have to consciously correct myself to use proper pronouns.  It is funny to me.  I am sure this is a common occurence with parents.  We definitely want our kids to know who we are and how to refer to us.

So in addition to running some intervals tonight Daddy also did some light work with a medicine ball in the driveway.  Daddy’s little girl did the same work out (a safe distance away) with her own ball (not a weighted ball of course).  She is pretty good at the ball slam.

Have a great day and God Bless!



Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.41.03 PM

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