Coaching Contemplation Pt 2: An unexpected perspective

Technically I wrote this on Saturday, but due to March Madness Basketball I didn’t get to posting until today.  Lord please forgive me.

I am mostly reading the book Coaching for Performance from two perspectives. One as a coach, learing how to be more effective when working with clients. And second as leader of a team of consultants/coaches.  My job is to influence and support a culture of continued development.  But as I read a third perspective became apparent to me.  I am also a coachee.  Which in and of itself isn’t too groundbreaking except when I read the following line and thought about what it meant to me.

“Coaching is all about a journey and nothing about instruction or teaching.”

It was the word journey that shifted my perspective.  I am on a journey this year (and for the rest of my life for that matter) of seeking better spiritual, mental, and physical health.  This journey is being guided by the ultimate coach, Jesus!

Yes, I am being instructed by the Bible, but my discovery is being driven from within.  And I thought about that and where that internal drive comes from and I arrived at the answer, the Holy Spirit.  So I am on this journey where Christ is my coach, my example, the Holy Spirit is my internal drive for discovery and God is guiding along the way.  He is subtlety nudging me in the right direction down the path He wants me to go.

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