What does Selah mean?  I have seen it and heard it in Psalms and know there is a Christian Music group by that name.  And truth be told I hadn’t given it much thought.  Today I was reading a Lenten devotional that talked about the word.  I did some research in addition to what the devotional highlighted as well.  According to the devotional by tearfund, Selah might mean to ‘pause and reflect, to let you immerse yourself in God’s presence.

I discovered through some further research that It could also be a musical direction to pause much like using Amen in prayer.  It could also mean ‘forever.’  It could also be an orchestral direction to play a musical interlude between verses or stanzas of the Psalm.  Another meaning could be ‘to lift up.’  Maybe it means one of those things or maybe it means all of those things.

All of the different meanings seem to hover around a theme to simply ponder God and His greatness.  And that gave me an idea to use ‘Selah’ as a cue to quiet my brain and just ponder, pause, reflect and live in the moment.  Especially when taking a mindful walk.  Walks that I am now dubbing Selah Walks.

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