Sometimes…it snows!

Last week I really rocked the steps for the week and there is no way I was going to be able to repeat that this week. So I was gonna talk about IMG_1649shifting this week’s focus from running to a more well-rounded approach.  But as I drove home it became readily apparent that whatever I was gonna do for my workout just wasn’t gonna work today.  As I got closer to home the snow got heavier and heavier.  I wasn’t gonna be able to run (at least not very far).

I arrived home to a little girl who was waiting for her daddy to get home so she could go out in the snow.  My workout became hauling the trash to the curb.  A few quick sprints up and down the driveway and then it turned into building a snowman for my daughter.  I was surprised at how much work it actually led to be.  And maybe I do need to do something more than just run.

But today was all about being in the present moment and enjoying another snow day with our little girl.  God Bless.


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