TBT: Pretend Play

Today after our run.  Well my run and my daughter’s ride.  I sat down and asked her about her day.  What did she have for breakfast? What did she do with her Grandma? Did she go outside to play? etc?  She then gave me her baby doll.  I did the same, asking my daughter what dolly did all day.  What did dolly have for breakfast? For lunch? etc?

To our dismay 😉 dolly had not had anything to eat.  So I asked my daughter if she could prepare some dinner for dolly.  Dolly had quite the meal.  She had eggs, toast and the main course was soup.  We didn’t have a spoon so a crayon substituted for the spoon.  Dolly and daddy and daughter each had our fill of soup.  Play time over it was then time for dinner.

Dolly, daughter, and daddy made our way downstairs.  Dolly got to sit right next to my daughter as she ate her spinach, pork chop and rice.  Dinner was over and as I was cleaning up I noticed that dolly had some spinach on her face.  My daughter had given her a little spoonful so she would get her vegetables today.  🙂 Just so cute.

I had gotten most of the spinach off before taking this picture. 

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