The Perfect Playlist Pt 3: To Run or not to Run

So today I decided to create a new running playlist.  My wife and I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe to Apple Music.  A world of music at our fingertips and I was able to get some songs that would be too much trouble to get from my cd collection.  Anyway I dove deep into some of the songs I used to listen too back in high school to psych myself up before a race.  My goto song for a pre-performance routine, Dreams by Van Halen.  I remember doing my warm up with a pair of those foam covered headphones on with a cassette tape of the 5150 album.  I would just keep playing the song until it was time to get to the starting line.  The song really got me in the right mindset for the half mile (880 yds).

So this new playlist, has a heavy mix of the old and the new.  Some Van Halen, Third Day, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  All my songs have to have the right beat.  It’s not too fast, but not to slow either.  I listened to it today while me and the little girl went on our run.  Good stuff.

God Bless!

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