Spring in Your Stock

Its been two months now and time to reflect and take stock on my journey.

Physical Fitness

I feel like I am in better shape.  Been running and it’s getting better.  I have also noticed I have lost a little of the dad belly I had built over the holidays.  Able to wear a couple of smaller waste size pants without bustin’ buttons.  So far, So good.

Mental Fitness

The ole brain seems to be working fine.  This is a hard one to gauge.  Life is gonna be stressful, that’s just the way life is.  It’s how well I can return to normal.  I don’t have any objective data on this one and just have to go on feeling.  I feel a little better than when I started so that’s saying something.  But let’s see how I feel in another two months.

Spiritual Fitness

This one I also have to go on feelings to determine if I have changed any.  I feel that I have.  When I go on walks or pray or have my check-ins with God I feel better about it and feel more of a connection than I did before.  God is definitely in more of my thoughts throughout the day.  Still not as much as I think I should be.

I asked my wife if she noticed anything different.  She told me she noticed I don’t fall asleep on the couch as fast as I was.   She noticed that it appears I have more energy and knows we haven’t been getting as much sleep as we should.   And that’s good because I want to be present with her as much as possible in the precious moments we have during the week.

Overall I have seen some progress but it’s still only two months with 10 to go.  I have marveled at the fact that I have been able to post everyday that I have said I would.  Sometimes it has been hard and I really had to rack my brain for something to say.




One thought on “Spring in Your Stock

  1. Keep on keeping on. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. My grandmothern put it this way, just put one foot in front of the other, repeat. Elizabeth put it this way, do the next thing. Enjoy the process.h


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