A Good Read

We try to sit down every night and read to our daughter right before she goes to bed.  We’ve got a pretty good routine.  Right between the brushing of the teeth and the singing of the songs we read to her.

We read to her from the Good Book.  I may have mentioned it before, but tonight we read extensively from her children’s Bible.  Up until this evening it was hit or miss and a lot of times she just wanted to flip through the pages and look at the pictures.  Tonight we covered a lot of ground from Moses to Josiah.  She kept asking for more.  The stories are short, but true to scripture.

Here is an exert:

God told Jonah to go to Ninevah. But he went on a boat to another city.  Then God sent a storm.  Jonah was thrown overboard. A huge fish swallowed him.

Jonah 1-2


She’s growing up and getting more engaged which is great to see as a parent.  Plus I love the dad time I get with her right before bed.  God Bless!


If you are interested its A Child’s First Bible  Adapted by Kenneth N. Taylor.  I don’t get any compensation for recommendations.

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