You’ve Got a Friend…in Me

The friendship of the Lord is for those who fear him, and He makes known to them His covenant.

Psalm 25:14

If you listen to the Daily Audio Bible you might have heard Brian’s talk on the above scripture (January 31).  It really got me thinking (note a pattern).  I will summarize, but I highly encourage you, if you are so inclined, to give a listen.   He talks about what it is like to fear God. To be in awe of God.  And all simultaneously.  He also talks about having a friendship with God.

I believe that God is my friend and I am struck at how blessed I am because of Him.  But what kind of friend am I too Him?  This is the question Brian laid out and got me really thinking.  What acts or behaviors have I demonstrated that I want to be a friend to God.  Scripture says that Faith is required.  Scripture also talks about works.  With Faith comes the works.  I have faith, I pray, I praise, but what else?  I hope this blog is something He is proud of.  I believe He asked me to do it and I am trying to be faithful.  What else? I’m still thinking.

But it’s late and I could probably ramble on.  I will keep it short.  Good night and God Bless!


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